The Keith Urban Concert Medley You’ve Got to See

Keith Urban just delivered a stadium-sized show in Canada, and it lasted less than 15 minutes.

During his halftime appearance at the Grey Cup championship game in Calgary on November 24, Urban roared through five of his biggest hits, electrifying the crowd.

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“My thing was to keep it ’up’ – predominantly uptempo,” he told ET Canada. “Because it is the Grey Cup, it’s halftime, and we want to keep everybody up. And a lot of familiarity, too, I hope. We chose a few songs to string together a twelve-and-a-half medley.”

While he admits that he’s not usually a fan of medleys, it seemed like the way to go for this gig, he says. “I’ve resisted them always, over the years, but when you get a situation like this, it’s kind of the most obvious thing to do, instead of doing two songs or three songs.”

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During the interview, Urban seems genuinely surprised to hear that “We Were” is a No. 1 hit in Canada. As for new music, he reveals that he’s been working on a new album for a solid year, whenever he’s off the road, even though he’s not quite ready to announce the title yet.

Pressed by reporter Sangita Patel about whose musical opinion he values the most, Urban finally settles on his listeners. “The fans, the audience, they’re the ones who are going to speak the strongest and loudest.”

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