Little Big Town Reveal a Secret in “Sugar Coat” Video

Nobody in country music can simultaneously make a personal statement and a fashion statement as well as Little Big Town.

Their newest video, “Sugar Coat,” evokes the ’60s vibe through its portrayal of a wife and mother (Kate Bosworth) who senses that her husband (Isaiah Stratton) is cheating. The dramatic tension builds throughout the project, while style-oriented viewers will soon be surfing mid-century modern websites to replicate the look.

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“How many of us are going through Hell in secret?” band member Kimberly Schlapman says in the album’s press materials. “For generations, women were taught not to complain, not to explain, while behind the scenes, it’s a total disaster. Secrets are so cancerous, and most of us have them. That’s the empowerment: she suffers for knowing…until…”

Her bandmate Karen Fairchild agrees, “Through her awakening she finds resolve and is willing to tell the truth. No more sugarcoating.”

Filmed outside of Nashville, the video was directed by brother-sister duo, Stephen and Alexa Kinigopoulos (Running Bear). Almost like a short movie, the final shot puts the power back into the hands of Bosworth’s beautiful but frustrated character.

“I play a woman who is in a complicated marriage,” says Bosworth. “She is often lonely and unfulfilled — realizing that she is not getting what she needs from a partner, devastated by the choices that her husband is making. As she slowly discovers what is happening, while it’s a sad moment, it is ultimately a resilient one. She finds her strength, her fortitude, and ultimately herself. It was an honor to bring this song to life with a band that I love.”

Written by Josh Kerr, Lori McKenna, and Jordyn Shellart, “Sugar Coat” will be on Little Big Town’s upcoming album, Nightfall, scheduled for January 17.