Nashville Squares Bonus Scenes: A Duck-Chasing Challenge Is Fowl Play

Luck — or duck — was not on the side of a collection of Nashville Squares contestants on the show’s latest episode.

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First, before the animal kingdom officially descended onto the show’s set, big-shot couple Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer opened up about their relationship-oriented Podcast topics, and said when they’re not busy fighting about “everything,” they’re seeking ways to get closer to each other.

“We always say we’re fighting, yes, but we’re fighting for the greater cause of our relationship,” Kramer says in the clip above. “We’re fighting for our marriage, we’re fighting for each other, not against each other.”

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Elsewhere on the show, a collection of contestants made sure to get their ducks (or, at least one duck) in a row. In a second bonus clip above, Fortune Feimster, Mickey Guyton and Ty Pennington — armed with tools that mimic a duck’s quacking — each tries to attract one confused Mallard to his or her station. While Mickey and Fortune lean in with the instrument, Ty goes off script and makes a…cow noise?

Ultimately, though Mickey and Ty resort to sneaking up to the duck, the animal wises up to the gimmick and runs away, meaning there’s no king or queen of this particular jungle.

“You’re being a little bitch!” Fortune shouts in frustration.

Check out both videos above, and tell us what you thought about Season 1 of Nashville Squares in the comments!