WORLD PREMIERE: Jana Kramer’s “Beautiful Lies”

Honesty is cool. But have you ever just wanted someone to lie to you?

That say-it-ain’t-so mindset is the big idea behind Jana Kramer’s latest single “Beautiful Lies.” And for the world premiere of the video, Kramer gave her thoughts on why sometimes honesty is just not the best policy.

Kramer penned the tune with Joshua Tangney and Bruce Wiegner, and she admits that it was inspired in part by her husband Mike Caussin’s infidelity and their temporary separation.

CMT:com: How did this song come about?

Kramer: I have had this title for a while saved on my phone, but I never knew how to write it. It wasn’t until everything that I went through, that it fit perfectly for this time in my life. I wanted to be able to try to describe that moment when I found out about everything going on. As much as I was told lies, all I wanted was just to hear a few more beautiful lies because I didn’t want to believe the truth I was hearing.

Are there any subjects that are difficult to write about? Or are all subjects fair game?

I think writing is therapy. It is a form of the truth, and speaking the truth, no matter how hard it is, is healing. For me at least.

What does it mean to you for others to recognize themselves in your art?

I love that people can relate to my music. It’s why I wanted to do this. Music has helped me in the darkest of days and the best of days, so to be able to give that back to someone means I have done my job.

Who was the first artist to believe in you and change your life forever?

Honestly, I would say Darius Rucker. That was the best tour I was a part of, and I truly felt like he saw my growth. I appreciate him as an artist and as a person.

What’s your perfect day like?

Spending time with my family on a perfect Nashville day, and topping it off with game night with my girlfriends. Also lots of red wine! 🙂

Kramer’s getting ready to bring her Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin podcast out on tour. Her next stop will be on May 16 in Alexandria, VA.

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