Garth Brooks Says What We’ve All Been Thinking: Women Work Harder and Earn Less

When Garth Brooks was trying to make a point about how country music is so off-balance, he used his wife Trisha Yearwood as the best real-life example of what’s wrong.

“(She) works a thousand times harder than me to get a tenth as much as I do out of this business,” Brooks told BBC. “She doesn’t complain. She just rolls up her sleeves and goes to work.” He went on to say that we don’t have enough female voices, and that if we did, it would provide more variety and fresh perspectives. For everyone.

“We need that because guys,” he said, “we open doors with our heads. We’re not the smartest things on the planet. Females bring a whole different approach to how we see things.

“A good marriage between the male voice and the female voice, and country music, would be a true representation of what the people who listen to country music really are.”

His next album Fun is due out later this year, and throughout his current statium tour, he’s been playing a few songs off it: “All Day Long,” “The Road I’m On,” and “Stronger Than Me.” And to his point about women working hard, Yearwood hasn’t exactly been idle. Earlier this year, she released an album of stunning Frank Sinatra covers called Let’s Be Frank.

Brooks’ next stop is on Friday night (May 3) in Minneapolis, and Yearwood will be there on Saturday with her Trisha’s Tailgate event before the show.

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