Tucker Beathard on the Psalm 27:1 Tattoo He Shared with His Late Brother

“On December 21st, God sure did get a good one.”

That’s what Tucker Beathard posted on Instagram on Friday (Dec. 27), a week after his brother Clayton was killed in a stabbing outside of The Dogwood in Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood.

It’s the first time the country singer-songwriter has shared his own personal and faith-filled thoughts about the tragedy, saying that he feels beyond blessed to have had 22 incredible years with Clay.

“Anyone who knows Clay knew what kind of light he naturally was in any situation no matter what the circumstances,” he added. “As heartbreaking and hard this experience has been, it has also pushed me and my family to a whole new level of faith and what it means to trust God and what his plan is.

“Clay was a true warrior for God and his kingdom and to see the legacy he has made and the lives he has changed, including mine, has given me some perspective on what life is really all about at the end of the day. It amazes me to see how Clay already had that perspective… he lived a life here on earth for serving Jesus and had that discernment of right and wrong and the courage to wear his faith on his sleeve.”

Beathard goes on to share his thoughts on why God did what He did: “I think God saw the great work he has done and now has rewarded him with a new life in heaven that no one can even fathom how incredible it is, and that thought alone is enough to help me smile in the midst of all this.”

But by the end of the post, he has a personal message for his little brother. “Clay, I love you and I can’t wait to see you again, and I like to think you looked up to me being your older brother, but the truth is, it’s you who I look up to,” he wrote.

“I think the matching Bible-verse tattoo that we have sums up perfectly how Clay lived and approached his life here on earth. The Lord is my light and salvation for whom shall I fear, the lord is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1).”

The man who allegedly stabbed Beathard was arrested on Christmas Day (Dec. 25).

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