Chris Young and His Generous Heart Have Really Started Something

A guy walks into a bar, and pays his server double the total. That’s it. That’s the end of this blessedly simple story Chris Young told on social media on Thursday night (Dec. 26).

The receipt he shared on his socials doesn’t show where he did it, or what he’d ordered, but it does show that when his check came for $187, he tipped his server $187. (That’s 100 percent, for anyone like me who just isn’t wired for math.)

Young was asked to participate in this new #100percenttipchallenge by his friends, director Jeff Johnson and country newcomer Tyler Reeve. And now he’s asking his own artist friends to follow his generous lead. “I challenge @ChaseRiceMusic and @BradPaisley to get out there and make someone’s day,” Young wrote.

If Paisley and Rice both accepted the challenge, that would mean two more servers would be blown away. And then if they each challenged two more country artists, four more servers would be equally thrilled. And on and on and on and on like that exponentially. It would be a trend very worthy of trending.

And if this big-tip movement continues, who knows how far the chain of love could keep going?

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