Tim McGraw, Through Mix Tapes and Mullets

If you told someone you thought about them every time you thought about them, it might get weird.

But somehow, when Tim McGraw does it, it feels so right. Especially when he illustrates it with old-school Polaroids, mix tape CDs, blue ribbons, concert tickets and the case of Coronas marked For Daytona.

Throughout the entire four minutes of McGraw’s “Thought About You” lyric video, he brings all those old memories to life. The good and the bad, the highs and lows, and the forevers and the never agains. And he hopes that everyone who hears it feels that same range of emotions.

“The cool thing about ’Thought About You’ is that it brings something, or someone, different to mind for everyone who hears it. It might be a loved one you saw yesterday, an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years or someone you know you’ll never see again,” McGraw said. The song was written by Lee Thomas Miller, Brad Warren and Brett Warren.

“For the lyric video, we worked with art director JP Robinson who helped us find stories of friendship, love and loss that we could follow over time,” he said. “There are some really special stories in those photos.” McGraw is actually in a few of the old pictures: one with his longtime music video director Sherman Halsey who passed away in 2013, one from his high school football days, and one with his mom and sister Sandy.

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McGraw will be heading out on the road on Feb. 1 for a string of dates through the spring and summer, with stops in America and Canada. Then in September, he’ll head down under for a handful of shows in Australia.

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