Jason Aldean on Raising a Loving Son

Loving and hugging. That’s what little Memphis Aldean is made of. And that’s just what Jason Aldean was hoping for.

At Tuesday’s (Jan. 8) No. 1 party for his Miranda Lambert collaboration “Drowns the Whiskey,” Aldean opened up about his son, and what he sees for his future.

“There’s more women than you realize, because my sister has three daughters. Brit’s sister has two daughters. Me and Memphis, that’s it,” Aldean said of being outnumbered in his own family. “It’s crazy, but I think the one thing growing up in a house with a lot of women, I think he’ll be spoiled and also hopefully be a loving kid.”

Memphis’ two older sisters, Keeley and Kendyl from Aldean’s first marriage, are his favorite people in the world according to Aldean. “Every time they come around, he lights up and just wants to hang out with them all the time,” he said. “Any little kids who are around, he just wants to go up and hug them.”

Keeley, 15, has already started showing an interest in guitar and Aldean says she is pretty impressive. And if Memphis shows an interest in music? “I’d like to get him out and start banging around on instruments and stuff and hopefully have him pick it up pretty quick if he’s into it. If he’s not, he’s not,” he said. Aldean didn’t pick up the guitar until he was in middle school, but by the time he was 15, he was already playing gigs around Georgia.

Once his fourth child arrives — Navy, due in February — Aldean says that his family will be complete.

“I’m good. I think at this point, this is No. 4 for me.

“To me, four healthy kids, I feel blessed to have that. And my wife’s been pregnant for two years. I don’t think she’s in any hurry to jump back and go through that again neither,” he said. “I think we’re good.”

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