The Grammy-Nominated Eric Church Song That Almost Wasn’t

Eric Church is nominated for two Grammy awards, it was announced on Wednesday morning (Nov. 20).

His Desperate Man is in the running for best country album, and his No. 1 hit “Some Of It” is nominated for best country song.

Church wrote “Some Of It” with Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde and Bobby Pinson, and in a statement from his publicist, he shared the story behind the song that almost wasn’t.

“I was playing the album for a dear friend of ours and my wife was with me. This person loved the album, but my wife said, ‘but let me play you what did not make it,’ and the first thing she played was ‘Some Of It,’” Church said. “It was always a favorite song of mine, and I listened to it that night and it is just…I am going to regret if I do not record this song.”

So he did what any artist with a passion for the craft of songwriting did, he fell on his sword for “Some Of It.”

“I called my manager that night and said, ‘hey we have got to talk.’ The recording was done, the record was essentially done, but I said, ‘I have got to do this, I have to add this song.’ Initially, all the stuff that I thought was going to be the pillars for this album just bombed.

“But I think it’s really interesting that the album took on an identity that allowed ‘Some Of It’ to make it from where it started to where it is now, and it just fit in the dialogue. To me, it made the album. I loved the album before it was on there,” he added, “but it might be my favorite album now that it’s on there, so that’s the way I look at it.”

Church’s Double Down Tour wraps this weekend in Sacramento, Calif.

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