Why Ashley McBryde Calls Her Hit Single “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”

Critical acclaim.

That’s usually how people in the music business describe a song or an album that is very, very, very well received.

But this is how Ashley McBryde describes it, now that her breakout single from earlier this year has been nominated for not one but two Grammy awards.

“‘Girl Goin’ Nowhere’ is the song that keeps on giving. Country radio missed the boat on it,” McBryde told CMT.com on Wednesday morning (Nov. 20) when she got the good news, “and I was worried our message wouldn’t get the full life we’d hoped for.

“I was blown away by our first GRAMMY Nomination for Country Album of the Year last year. And now ‘Girl Goin’ Nowhere’ gets two nominations?! Can’t keep her down. That’s the message Jeremy Bussey and I let off the leash,” she said of her co-writer.
“She’s a fighter. I’m so honored and proud to see this song stay alive.”

The song is nominated for best country song and for best country solo performance.

You can see the full list of country nominees here.

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