Blake Shelton Joins Garth Brooks in a “Dive Bar”

Thank God it’s Tuesday?

That’s what Garth Brooks fans and Blake Shelton fans must be thinking today (June 18) as they wake up to the brand new song from the two country superstars.

Brooks’ duet with Shelton — “Dive Bar” — is his first collaboration in 18 years. His last one was with George Jones on “Beer Run” in 2001.

“It sounds fresh, and it sounds like summer to me. That’s what I love. Blake kept pushing for it to be more steels, more country and stuff,” Brooks said in a radio interview. “Blake was nothing short of fantastic. It should be pretty cool. So let’s wave the flag for country music and for the summer…right here with ‘Dive Bar’.”

And coming soon to a TV or streaming service near you: the music video. Brooks admits it’s been a minute since he’s released one of those. “If you’ll look all the way back in the ‘90s, we just said, ‘Look, unless a video gets to bring something new to a song, why just re-do the song lyric?’

“So, the idea’s comin’ for this one,” Brooks added, “to do a video that I’m not sure’s been done before. Any time you get that chance, take it. This’ll be fun.” We’re guessing it won’t just be a lyric re-do, then. So no literal interpretations of diving in the deep end, then?

You can listen live to hear the new tune on iHeartCountry radio.

“Dive Bar” will be on Brooks’ next album, Fun, due out later this year.

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