Thomas Rhett Shares Gratitude and 16 Songs

There’s a song on Thomas Rhett’s brand new album Center Point Road called “Dream You Never Had.”

The title’s kind of ambiguous. It could mean a lot of things.

Until you push play and listen to the lyrics while you read his liner notes. Then it’s all crystal clear.

First he thanks the Lord for the blessings He continues to bestow on him and his family. But then he goes on the thank his wife. “Thank you, Lauren, for living this dream you never had and being the most incredible wife, mother, and best friend I could ever have imagined.”

Working that song title into his praise for Lauren is so him, and so poetic. Because the song — written by Thomas Rhett, his dad Rhett Akins, Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley — is all about how the journey they are on together is because of the dream he had. (Major husband points for acknowledging that, and for making music about it.)

It’s about how the spotlight’s on him, but the fans know that Lauren is the reason he shines, and how she married the music the day she married him. And how he is just the singer, but she is the songs that he sings.

It’s the quintessential country love song, perfect for anyone who is truly in love.

Thomas Rhett has known Lauren since the first grade, although he’s admitted in the past that she didn’t notice him until they were teenagers. They were married in 2012, right around the time he was releasing his second single “Beer With Jesus.”

His current single “Look What God Gave Her” is also about his bride. In fact, if you look closely at the entire track list from Center Point Road, you can see that Lauren is everywhere on this album.

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