Why Kelsea Ballerini Is 9,264,829,272 Percent Excited

You have to really be a fan of your fans to multi-task like this. On Wednesday, while Kelsea Ballerini was packing for her tour, she managed to pack in about 27 questions from her followers on Twitter. And as usual, Ballerini was an open book.

When a fan asked her how she excited she was on a scale from one to 10:

When a fan asked her if “High School” was on her set list:

When a fan asked her exactly how sassy the show was going to be:

When a fan asked her about how many wardrobe changes she’d have at each tour stop:

When a fan asked her how emotional it is to know she is selling out shows:

And when a fan told her that she was going to skip a mandatory class to make it to opening night of Ballerini’s Miss Me More tour with Brett Young and Brandon Ratcliff in Maryland on Thursday (Aoril 11):

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