Why Jimmie Allen Keeps His Lyrics Curse Free

There’s nothing like parenthood to make you take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

And for Jimmie Allen, once his son Aadyn came along, that meant making sure he doesn’t lean on expletives in his songs or shows.

“Every decision I make affects my son. That’s the reason I don’t curse in my lyrics or onstage,” Allen told industry magazine Country Aircheck. “Music is supposed to bring us together. I want my concerts to be something families can come to together. I don’t ever want parents to worry about what I’m going to say from the stage.”

Another craft Allen has honed as a country singer with a young son? Knowing what to share and what not to. “I’ll post pictures of me and my son at a Disney thing, for example, but not when we have breakfast together or say our prayers,” the “Best Shot” newcomer shared.

“Some things need to be sacred.”

But now that Aadyn Allen has his own Instagram, will it be harder to keep private moments private? Not as long as his dad is in charge. Aadyn’s IG bio even says, “Owned By Aadyn’s Parents.”

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