Why Carrie Underwood Let Go and Let God

It sounds like Carrie Underwood had no other choice. When her personal life was getting a little rough — actually, extremely rough — she had to put her faith in God and let Him take over.

Underwood is now mom to Isaiah, 4, and Jacob, 4 months, but for a very long time, she and her husband Mike Fisher didn’t know if they’d be able to add to their family like they wanted to.

According to the new issue of People, Underwood had three miscarriages in less than two years, and after asking herself what she was doing wrong, she asked God instead.

“I’ve always wanted to be a good daughter to my parents but also to God and not complain, because we are beyond blessed. I get to do what I love, I have an incredible family. I have Mike, I have Isaiah, I have great parents. I have all of these amazing people around me, and I don’t want to complain, ever,” Underwood said. “But the miscarriages made me get real with God and say, ‘Okay, I’m kind of giving up a little bit. If this isn’t meant to happen, then I need to accept that and know that someday I’ll understand why.’”

But then, along came a healthy pregnancy. And eventually, her second son Jacob. “He’s just this perfect little bundle of a smiley guy,” she shared. And now that both boys and their dad have joined Underwood on the road, she calls it all a big awesome mess. (A mess that includes Isaiah “helping” at her sound checks.)

It’s the kind of mess — we’re assuming — that most moms never truly mind. It comes with the job. And Underwood is all of us mothers out there who worry about doing the best for their kids, then stop worrying because they know that God has got this.

“I put a lot of stress on myself,” she added, “I feel like a lot of moms do, a lot of women do. (But) the best moments in my life are when I say, ‘Hey, I can’t control everything, and that’s okay. God is in control.’”

Underwood has also been very open about the emotional roller coaster she’s on now that Isaiah’s crush on Maddie Marlow, one half of her opening act, Maddie & Tae, is getting even more intense as the tour rolls on.

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