Trisha Yearwood is All of Us with Her Every Girl

The very first thing I wanted to say to Trisha Yearwood was, “Finally.” As in, it is so good to have her making music videos again after more than a decade. And this one, “Every Girl in This Town,” is so worth the wait.

“It’s been 11 years since I made a video,” Yearwood told “Nothing has really changed for me. My job is to bring to life my interpretation of what this song means to me, and hope it resonates with someone else.”

It does. It really, really does.

Here is everything else we asked Yearwood about the premiere.

Q. Who did you use as the director, and how did you choose that particular person?

A. Blythe Thomas. I really wanted a female director for this piece. I love to show every girl doing every job!

Q. How did you find and recruit the women of all ages — and from all walks of life — to join you in the video?

A. A lot of the women and girls are family and friends of mine. All of the women “cast” were friends of the director and team. And then they did an excellent job going out and getting some awesome gals throughout Nashville showing how they are every girl. The iPhone videos were all friends and family.

Q. So then was it your intention to show that every girl, no matter what stage of life she’s in, can be the girl in the song? It’s relatable to all, whether you are a little girl or a very grown up one.

A. I think no matter your age, race, religion, sexual preference, job, physical limitations, etc., we are all girls, or women who were once little girls, and we all had dreams. We can all relate to being those little girls with the world in front of them. It looks different for all of us. And that’s as it should be. We’re all every girl, whatever that looks like for you.

Q. How did you unearth all of those great old photographs and Polaroids? Are any of them from your own personal collection?

A. Ha! They’re all mine! Yes, I’m old enough to have actual physical photographs and Polaroids! I dug through my collection and picked photos of me, my family, my sister, my friends. My favorite pictures of me for this video were the ones where I just know I’m living my best life: not posed, not perfect, just me.

Q. What do you hope the takeaway will be for viewers when they see the video for the first time?

A. I hope people who see this will find themselves in the lyric and maybe see themselves in somebody in the video. I want young girls to hear this song and believe they can be whoever they want to be, and that however that looks is okay. I also want boys and men to hear this song and see someone they love. I want them to see their every girl in the video, and love her and support her dreams.

“Every Girl in This Town” was written by Erik Dylan, Connie Harrington and Caitlyn Smith, and is Yearwood’s first big single since “PrizeFighter” and “I Remember You” off her 2014 album PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit. Her Every Girl tour kicks off in October.

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