Trisha Yearwood: “I Didn’t Have to Change”

It takes a village to make a record. It takes of village of master producers and artists to make a brilliant one, and Trisha Yearwood will tell you without hesitation that had the very best for her latest album Let’s Be Frank.

We previously shared a portion of our chat with Yearwood where she talked about stepping outside of her comfort zone and overcoming her fears after twenty years of wishing to make a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

In this brand new exclusive clips, Yearwood talks working with legendary musician and producer Don Was, and how, with his help, her fears were completely eradicated.

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“He’s so cool,” she gushed. “The way Don orchestrates things . . . it makes it feel like you’re not overthinking. Every detail is in place, but it doesn’t make it feel tedious or like you overthought anything.”

“If you looked up ’vibe’ in the dictionary, you’d see Don Was’ picture.”

Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for The Recording Academy

No truer words there. Of course, still, there would be nerves for the singer, stepping completely outside of the genre for which she’s known to take on a new challenge like this project. But this wasn’t about genre: this was about Yearwood.

“His advice to me was, ’Don’t think you have to change your voice, or be a certain way, don’t be nervous. You sing…just go sing the song,” she said. “And that was great advice because I didn’t have to change anything. I just had to sing the song.”

Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for The Recording Academy

Arguably, that is what makes Let’s Be Frank such a stunning tribute: the all-around authenticity when songs are performed from the heart with your true voice.

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