Trisha Yearwood Gets Frank About Garth Brooks Duet

It’s track No. 11 that you won’t recognize. Because on her brand new album of all her favorite Frank Sinatra tunes, Trisha Yearwood said that one original song made its way on to her Let’s Be Frank album. And she explained just how it happened.

“I went through and kind of highlighted classic Frank songs that you have to do. And then my favorite songs that I have to do,” Yearwood said about how she managed to find the right songs to cover from Sinatra’s legendary career. Then her producer gave her the nearly impossible task of narrowing it down. She had to write down just 12 songs. “And, honestly, this album turned out to be 11 of the 12.”

The last song to make the cut was one she co-wrote with her husband Garth Brooks, “For the Last Time.” Writing together is kind of a rare event for Yearwood and Brooks. They have just one co-write credit to their names, on “What I’m Thankful for (The Thanksgiving Song)” off their Christmas Together album from 2016.

In a recent radio interview, Yearwood said that she didn’t plan for this duet to be on this album. “The 12th song ended up being an original song that I wrote with Garth,” she said, “which I never intended to be on the record. It just kind of found its way, because it seemed to fit.”

The ballad fits because it’s not the kind of straight-up country or cowboy song you might expect. In fact, it almost sounds like something Sinatra’s long-time collaborators could’ve written, with plenty of piano and classically poetic lines like Now for the first time, I’m in love for the last time.

This is the track listing for Let’s Be Frank:

1. “Witchcraft”

2. “Drinking Again”

3. “All the Way”

4. “Come Fly With Me”

5. “Over the Rainbow”

6. “One for My Baby”

7. “They All Laughed”

8. “If I Loved You”

9. “The Man That Got Away”

10. “The Lady Is a Tramp”

11. “For the Last Time”

12. “I’ll Be Seeing You”

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