The Mavericks: “We’re Far More Interesting Now”

Just like fine wine, The Mavericks know that some things get better with age….including creativity and artistry.

The supergroup recently sat down with CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown team in celebration of their 30th anniversary in music. But rather than dwell on the past and the years gone by, the guys are looking to the here and now, and to the future with bright, clear eyes.

“Musically, we’re far more interesting than we were back then,” says frontman Raul Malo.

“We’ve been able to explore and do whatever we want. When you operate from that premise, when the shackles are off, it’s up to you.”

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Emerging onto the scene in 1989, the Mavericks were the toast of Music Row and the country charts in the mid-90s a formidable and somewhat historic feat for an alternative country band with a Cuban-American lead singer. Hard gigs in punk clubs were the start of a long road to glory for the group.

But when the music is that good, it will cut through the noise, and it will more than stand the test of time. Malo is the first to admit that the group’s longevity is a rare and precious gift.

“It’s pretty incredible in this business and it feels good to be able to make music for so long for so many people, tours, and people want to hear it. It’s a beautiful thing,” Malo said.

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Tune in for more 90’s Country Forever goodness when CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown continues their special July 13 and 14 on CMT.

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