Tanya Tucker: “What Just Happened, I’d Never, Ever Fathom”

If you’d shared this news with Tanya Tucker back in 2002, she would not have believed you.

Because at the time, she’d just released what she thought was her last full-length studio album, Tanya. But as it turned out, she eventually did make another one. This year. And on Wednesday (Nov. 20), Tucker and that new batch of music were nominated for four Grammy Awards.

Her While I’m Livin’ is up for for best country album, and her song “Bring My Flowers Now” is nominated in three categories: best country solo performance, best country song, and the all-genre song of the year. But what makes the four nominations so validating, all these years later, is that Tucker doesn’t seem like she is taking one moment of this second chapter for granted.

“I wish I had a trampoline to jump on right now! This is just unbelievable,” she said in a press release. “What’s different now more than ever is the fans on social media and streaming made this record an instant success. What just happened, I’d never, ever fathom.”

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Tucker has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards since debuting with “Delta Dawn” in 1972.

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