Tanya Tucker Is Telling More People She Loves Them

Tanya Tucker is taking the message of “Bring My Flowers Now” to heart. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, she tells correspondent Bob Schieffer, “It’s caused me to make a real effort to try to tell those that I love that I do love them, and even some of those that I don’t, you know?”

Schieffer spent time with Tucker on the road and at home in Franklin, Tennessee, to talk about her “relaunch” (she prefers that over “comeback”), her long-discussed love affair with Glen Campbell, and how she knew instantly she wanted to record “Delta Dawn,” even though she was still a kid.

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Between “Delta Dawn” and “Bring My Flowers Now,” Tucker has had her share of scandals, prompting Schieffer to ask if they negatively affected her career. “It could have,” she replied. “I mean, it probably did in some ways — but in a way I don’t think you can be successful unless you’ve had a lot of failures. And I’ve had some.”

However, 2020 may be one of Tucker’s most successful years yet. She’ll headline the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Sunday night, compete for four Grammys later this month, and kick off the CMT Next Women of Country Tour on February 5.

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She tells Schieffer, “My dad always told me, ‘You know how to change the world? You build your platform. You build it until you can’t build it any higher, until you can’t get no higher, and that’s when you can change the world because then people will listen to you. That’s the thing. I want to not just be another female on this planet. I want to change a lot of things.”

When Schieffer states that “Bring My Flowers Now” could change some people’s minds about sharing their own feelings, Tucker agrees, adding, “And that’s just another way of saying, ’Show me you love me now.’ Don’t hesitate because how wrong can you be?”