See Ry Bradley’s Tender and Poignant “Leave You With A Song”

The sparkle and glow of the neon lights in a place like Nashville is enough to make anyone leave their life behind to pursue their dreams.

It’s the journey of a lifetime, the road to fame and fortune, but it certainly isn’t an easy one, a case poignantly made by singer Ry Bradley’s new single “Leave You With a Song,” which takes a heartbreakingly honest look at the road so many aspiring artists and writers walk daily.

“The song was written by my close friend and producer Justin Busch,” Bradley told “He wrote the song about his journey as a songwriter and then played it for me the day after he wrote it.”

“’Leave You With a Song’ spoke so deeply to me about the sacrifices we all make for the things we love: family, country, faith, music, etc. At its core, that’s what this song is all about. I knew right when I heard it that I had to record this song and put my touch on it as an artist.”

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Shot in Newport Beach, California, the music video for the single puts Bradley center stage in the role of the hardcore troubadour, a role he knows a thing or two about, hands down. In addition to playing over 200 shows a year on his own, the singer has opened for Miranda Lambert, Florida Georgia Line, Kellie Pickler, Scotty McCreery, and more.

Despite the road being rocky, Bradley’s journey as an artist is a path he’s proud to pursue, a journey worth every bit of the struggle it takes to reach the peak of the mountain.

“Leave You With a Song” is the second single from his latest album Everything I’ve Got. Bradley is expected to announce tour dates in the greater South very soon.

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