Sarah Darling’s “Waves” Video Delivers Feelings Of “Carefree Nostalgia”

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The video for Sarah Darling’s latest single, “Waves,” highlights “70’s tropical” vibes that the vocalist loves because “the visuals are so important for letting people into the world of how I felt writing this song,” she tells CMT. “The weather was absolutely stunning that day with my own natural wind machine. It felt completely meant to be,” she adds. 2020 and 2021 has found Darling recording a series of streaming “Campfire Sessions,” recording and releasing ten tracks in twelve months.

“We all have emotional waves and feel the same things as humans,” says the Iowa-born vocalist about her latest video. Alongside staying busy during quarantine, her 2019 album, Wonderland, reached the top of the UK Country charts. “Whether it be love or things that we still think about from time to time, I hope fans feel that sense of it’s ok to feel this way,” in regards to her sun-kissed clip which she styled and performed makeup duties on set as well. Moreover, shooting on the beach allowed her to appreciate having herself and director Tara Diiorio out on the Atlantic Ocean waves because they “captured [her] so well as a person.”

In regards to the finished product, which “captures that sun kissed carefree nostalgia I wanted my viewers to feel,” Darling exclaimed, “I literally screamed! We flew to Ft. Lauderdale for the video shoot, I did a quick spruce up in the hotel and we were off! I love the visuals so much and it captures me so well as a person. Everything fell into place so easily.”