Sam Hunt Gives Career Advice to His Younger Self

Holidays are a natural time to look back and reflect, and earlier this month at the Stars and Strings event in Brooklyn, New York, Sam Hunt did just that.

During this video interview (around the 3:00 minute mark), host Kelly Ford describes the meteoric rise of Hunt’s early career, and asks, “What would Sam Hunt, now, say to Sam Hunt, then, to prepare?”

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“I guess I would stress just to hunker down and hold on. I don’t know that I had my seat belt on when I first, I guess, got going, and it kind of ramped up pretty quickly,” he said. “I haven’t put out as much music as I would have liked to, because the first couple of years I was touring so much and not really writing on the road.”

He added, “If I could go back, I would continue writing, and try to stay creative and try to continue to work on music while I was on the road. That would have definitely helped me in terms of getting ready for another record, so I don’t think the delay would have been quite as long.”

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Hunt released his breakout album, Montevallo, in 2014, then landed a smash single with “Body Like a Back Road” in 2017. His newest single is “Kinfolks.” In the interview, Hunt indicates that he’ll submit his new album to the record label in January and anticipates a release sometime in April.

“I’ll turn it in and move on to tour planning after that. It’ll have to come out before the tour starts,” he says around the 5:00 mark. “We’ll announce the tour and the album release and the next single, and I’ll try to trickle out songs, you know, instead of just waiting on the full album. Maybe I’ll put another song or two out before the actual album drops.”