Sam Hunt Apologizes for “Poor and Selfish Decision”

About a day and a half after Sam Hunt was arrested for driving under the influence in Nashville, he took to Twitter to let his fans and followers know that he regrets his actions.

“Wednesday night (Nov. 20), I decided to drive myself home after drinking at a friend’s show in downtown Nashville,” Hunt wrote. “It was a poor and selfish decision and I apologize to everyone who was unknowingly put at risk and let down by it.

“It won’t happen again.”

Hunt was arrested and booked very early on Thursday morning (Nov. 21) in Nashville. The charges against him were: driving under the influence and having an open container in the car. According to a police report, he was spotted driving south in the northbound lanes of Ellington Parkway near Ben Allen Road in East Nashville. Hunt had a blood alcohol content of .173.
He was released from jail later that morning, and has a court date on Jan. 17, 2020.

Hunt’s next concert is scheduled for Dec. 4 in Brooklyn.

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