PHOTOS: Kacey Musgraves Obliterates Texan Bucket List

If you happened to miss Kacey Musgraves’ Rodeo Houston show on Monday night (Feb. 25), we have good news. Great news, actually. Musgraves herself documented almost the entire day and night with pictures, videos and all the feels that went with them. From the soundcheck she couldn’t even believe she was soundchecking to her cover of “Como La Flor” — translation: “Like the Flower” — a 1992 hit from the the late Tejano singer Selena.

So even if you weren’t one of the 53,000 people there, you can feel like you were.

First, Musgraves was shocked that she was even at a soundcheck at the NRG Stadium in Houston.

Then she was backstage looking 100 percent glamorously boho in a $6,000 Floral Guipure Lace Flare-Leg Jumpsuit from the Michael Kors Collection.

Musgraves went on to post even more from the concert that she said now completes her bucket list — as a proud Texan — with well-deserved shout outs to rhinestones, Selena, pyro and her entire glam team. “TEXAN BUCKETLIST: OFFICIALLY OBLITERATED,” she declared.

She was also quick to share her feelings about the Selena Quintanilla cover. “ANYTHING FOR SELENAAAAS and nothing but RESPECT,” she wrote. “My tribute last night, the day before the 24th anniversary of her final concert in Houston.”

Quintanilla’s sister Suzette saw the performance, and she approved. “Awww this makes me wanna shed a tear! Takes me back,” Quintanilla wrote on Instagram with the video she shared. “A Big Big Thank you @spaceykacey for the love at the Houston Rodeo tonite with that SELENA Y LOS DINOS Jam!” Musgraves had also shared the Selena cover in an Instagram story, saying, “24 years ago Selena performed her last concert here. It was a dream of mine to be able to pay my respects to her iconic legacy.”

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