Nashville Squares Sneak Peek: Loni’s Got No Love for Alligator Snacks

This Thanksgiving, in the event your potatoes burn or your cranberry sauce isn’t totally up to snuff, just be glad that you — unlike Loni Love — don’t have to chew on pieces of dried alligator for cash.

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In a sneak peek of the season finale of Nashville Squares above, and to help out contestants Brad Rempel and Curtis Rempel of Canadian country duo High Valley, comedian Loni Love learns she’ll have to face down one of the animal kingdom’s most feared beasts to nail down the next round’s $500 cash prize.

Love, who’s dressed in head-to-toe cowboy attire, approaches the stage after a summons from host Bob Saget, only to be met by samples of alligator jerky, bison jerky and deer jerky. Saget says her job is to match the jerky “to the animal that it belongs to” and in the video above, Love wastes no time diving in.

“You’re a jerky for making me do this, all right?” Love jokes as she observes the game board, which features photos of each animal.

After nibbling on a first sample, Love observes “alligator is rough,” and pins the piece to its gator counterpart. She proceeds to note that “bison is the bigger one,” and makes her choice accordingly.

Finally, she concludes “this [jerky] is soft,” and pins her choice next to the deer.

But has Love — who’s got no love for the task — done enough to claim victory?

Check out the sneak peek above, and be sure to tune in to two brand new episodes — the collective season finale — of Nashville Squares Friday at 8/7c on CMT!