Nashville Squares Bonus Scenes: Jimmie Allen Defends Hogwarts’ Most Hated House

Jimmie Allen is hardly green in the realm of country music, but in an alternate universe (more specifically: that which surrounds Hogwarts), he’s emerald through and through.

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Yup, as part of a collection of Nashville Squares Episode 5 + 6 bonus scenes, host Bob Saget asked Jimmie about his love of Harry Potter, and in the clip above, Jimmie surprises more than a few audience members when he reveals which of the story’s four houses he thinks would select him as a student.

“My favorite color is green, by the way — and I am I am a Slytherin,” Allen says to sparse audience cheers. “On the movies, Slytherin got a bad name because of Draco Malfoy and Voldemort and all that other stuff, but Harry would have been a Slytherin. Slytherin are motivated, we believe in ourselves no matter how wrong or right we are. We’re committed to whatever we commit to.”

Hard to argue with that! But what can we do about that snake emblem…

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Elsewhere on the show, the ever-inquisitive Saget noticed a tea kettle resting on Bill Engvall’s station, and had one simple question: What the hell’s it doing there?

“This is actually a gift from my friend Ron White, who is hilarious,” Engvall says in the clip above. “It was in my dressing room and he sent me a note.”

Engvall then pulls out the note and reads:

Good luck with the show tonight, enjoy this flask.”

“So I’m guessing he was drunk,” Engvall continues through laughter. “Because this is clearly a tea kettle. But I don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I brought it.”

Check out some extra show moments above, and be sure to tune in to the next batch of Nashville Squares episodes Friday at 8/7c on CMT!