Music City Season Finale: How Will It End?

Tonight is the night: the season two finale of CMT’s hit reality series Music City, and boy are there some major loose ends left to tie up.

Let’s look back at our most pivotal storylines from the last four weeks and catch up, shall we?

  1. Jackson and Baylee

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    Jackson and Baylee: we really want to root for this. Mostly, because it means so much to Jackson. He fell fast and hard (yes, that was an engagement ring,) two words that also described his life and career this season. A terrible car accident should have slowed him down, but he refused to rest, thus putting a strain on his friendships and his relationship with Baylee. The two seemed to work through their differences until that dang dinner at the mansion (is that place haunted or something?) Are they headed for another breakdown?

  2. J-Mack and Dr. Dre

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    All seems just fine and dandy in J-Mack and Dre’s world. Watching these two together has actually been a great buffer to all of the other trials and tribulations we’ve witnessed from other relationships and situations. While J-Mack hasn’t had the easiest go of it this season (more on that below,) Dre has been there for her every step of the way and seems to truly be the perfect man of her dreams. And we cannot wait to see this big wedding day celebration. The tissues are prepped.

  3. Alisa and Bryant

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    Oh, Bryant and Alisa: the cutest couple that can’t get it together for too many reasons to name. 1.) He tours extensively. 2.) She’s busy hustling with her own career ambitions. 3.) That girl Sammy, which we have no idea what to make of all that. 4.) Trustworthiness (hint, there’s not a lot of it.) Things blow up, Alisa takes a stand, she moves on personally and musically, and then he comes along and tries to shut it down. Then, he totally shows up to the wedding mansion with a long looking in his eye for Alisa. Will she take him back? Will he let her cut their song with Luke?

  4. J-Mack and Rachyl

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    Well, at least one of J-Mack’s relationships boasted calm waters this season. Her friendship with Rachyl was a different story, sadly. This was a pivotal season for these two who found themselves at odds over Rachyl’s friendship with Jeremiah and the strain it put on her marriage with Kerry. They disagreed…and disagreed some more, but even when things hit a boiling point, they always cooled down and sought clarity and forgiveness. The two were maybe even closer than before…and then, J-Mack had that fateful conversation with Kerry (more on that below.) Is this friendship about to once again go up in flames?

  5. Ali in the Middle

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    Our favorite comeback and clapback queen found herself right smack in the middle of most everyone’s drama this season, and we hate to admit it, but most of the time, it’s because she put herself there. But let us just say this: we are not mad at it one bit, honey, because even when our girl is misbehaving and so wrong, it’s always so right. Don’t lie, you know you love it, too. And the other thing to love about Alexandra? She’s always there for you, for better or for worse. Even if she poured hot sauce with one hand into the pot she was stirring with the other, she will clean up her mess. Sure, some of her antics caused some problems, but she was always prepared to give a solution.

  6. Rachyl and Kerry

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    One named ruled this marriage this season: Jeremiah. Among lots of little things that kept this couple on edge and not in the best place. It was hard to watch (especially that whole publicist photo shoot setup, sheesh.) We’re rooting for these two, and in last week’s episode, we finally saw the glimmer of hope and reconciliation we’ve been longing for…but then came the bombshell about the waterfall and suddenly, we’re not so sure. Will this be the end?

So about that “fateful conversation…”

In case you missed season two, episode eight, J-Mack slips up and accidentally tells Kerry about “the waterfall incident,” thinking that he knew Jeremiah was also in attendance with the rest of the gang that included Rachyl. Only, Kerry didn’t know. We suspected this revelation would to lead to tension between the Degmans at the big wedding and turns out, we may be right.

In this sneak peek from tonight’s finale, we see Ali confronting Kerry about leaving a distraught Rachyl alone at Jessica and Dre’s wedding reception.

This is one more heated exchange, y’all. Whew.

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So how will things end? Tune in tonight to find out. The season two finale of Music City airs tonight (Jan. 31) at 10 PM ET on CMT.