Music City Recap: Season 2, Episodes 5 and 6

Anyone have something sharp we can maybe, cut the tension with? Geez, episodes five and six of Music City were borderline heartbreaking, we cannot lie.

We’ll get to Jackson in a moment, but first, Rachyl and Jeremiah: what is happening?! And yes, Alexandra we are looking at YOU on this one.

Poor Jessica is starting to fell the chill of her fallout with Rachyl, and Rachyl is hurting so badly, too, and it’s hurting us at this point, honestly. But Alisa brought a bright spot this week: Luke Pell.

Meanwhile, Jackson has everyone very concerned. After his car accident, he’s not slowing down. If anything, he’s going even harder and it’s bordering on self-destructive.

This is no laughing matter at all. And everyone needs to take this seriously…especially Jackson.

  1. The Adjustment

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    The doctor gives Jackson an adjustment, and then another by setting him straight on his lifestyle habits.

  2. Running on Fumes

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    Bud, you gotta slow down. And we know that’s not what you want to hear.

  3. We Can Work It Out

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    He also didn’t want to hear what Baylee had to say either. Eek, we were worried. But these two worked it out like adults.

  4. Playing With Fire

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    Speaking of not necessarily being an adult, (sorry, y’all know it’s true) let’s talk about that trip to the waterfall.

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    SPOILER ALERT: Alexandra invites Jackson, who brings Jeremiah and how “accidental” that was is hard to say. Meanwhile, Kerry stays home and has some bonding time with Wolfgang, who gets cuter by the day.

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    So does Rachyl tell Kerry? Don’t act so surprised, Allie.

  5. The Happiest Day

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    And then an explosive argument threathened EVERYTHING.

  7. In This Together

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    Fortunately, these girls’ love for each other is stronger than a fight. We are happy to see these two hopefully seeing eye to eye more in the future.

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