Maren Morris: Proud of the Years, Beers and Tears

This Friday (March 8), Maren Morris will release her highly anticipated follow-up album, GIRL.

But if you’re one of her biggest fans, it’s not just the music that is highly anticipated. It’s what she has to say about it. In the liner notes that, if we’re being honest with each other, we all devour before we even push play.

Here’s what Morris has to say about the making of this GIRL:

“I thought it took a village to make HERO, but holy Hell did it take a country to make GIRL. Several actually; like, we went to Brazil and shit this time around,” Morris writes in the CD’s inside back cover. “I am so proud of the years, beers and tears that made this album come into existence.”

And as she put it so perfectly in her Instagram post, she will see you everywhere.

Morris then devotes a paragraph to her attitude of gratitude for her husband Ryan Hurd. “Ryan, my love. None of this would go without you meeting me in random countries, sneaking into my bunk, and thoughtfully listening to these rough mixes on our back porch,” she writes. “You’re my touchstone and my equal, and I love your ear and your guidance through everything.”

She goes on to thank her family for loving her through it, her band for breathing life into the music, and the rest of her team for believing in her, trusting her, and encouraging all of the above.

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