Maddie & Tae, Asked & Answered

Whatever questions you might have for Maddie & Tae, chances are, they answered them on Monday night (April 15).

They randomly started answering their followers’ questions that came flooding in after it was announced that the duo would officially be releasing “Die from a Broken Heart” as a single on May 6. “Y’alls’ reaction to DFABH on @SXMTheHighway made us choose it as a second single 100%. We had no idea this song would connect the way it has. We owe this one to y’all for sure,” Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye wrote. “Seriously, y’all have changed the game for us with the support you’ve given Die From a Broken Heart. Wish we could hug every single one of y’all and say thank you for giving such a special song so much love. Gtg, getting teary.”

What followed was a series of questions about that song, another fan favorite tune, the ongoing battle between country radio and female artists, and rehearsals for the Carrie Underwood tour (including how to breathe when they are in the presence of such greatness). They answered them all with their trademark wisdom and wit, the same two qualities that make their songwriting stand out so much.

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