Luke Combs Makes Good on Promise

This is genius. Luke Combs wanted to boost his Instagram followers from almost a million to an actual million. So on New year’s Eve, he wrote on Twitter — where he has almost 240,000 followers — that if he could reach his goal before 2018 was over, he’d reward everyone with a new song.

It was a challenge from Combs’ fiance Nicole Hoking, which is ironic because the song is anything but a love song.

Late on Tuesday evening (Jan. 1), Combs made good on his promise.

He shared “Every Little Bit Helps” — an uptempo song he penned with James McNair and Chase McGill — saying he’d just written it a couple weeks before Christmas. It was just Combs and his guitar, singing about the slow-but-sure process of getting over an ex. As in, he might only be one night into her goodbye gone kind of hell, but every little bit helps.

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