LISTEN: Maren Morris’ New “Girl”

Maren Morris is sobbing right now. Well, maybe not anymore. But she was, about an hour after her new single “Girl” was released on Thursday (Jan. 17).

“I’m sobbing all the happy tears. This song pulled something out of my soul the day we wrote it and I couldn’t shake it. I hope it brings some comfort and peace to your inner critic. Love yourselves and love each other,” Morris posted on Twitter shortly after the song hit country radio stations. Earlier, she’d tweeted about the anticipation leading up to the release. “I’ve been dying to share this with you all for forever & a damn day,” she said.

Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd, undeniably biased, reported on Wednesday that the song is uniquely Maren. “So proud of this girl. And Girl. Everyone asked if she was making a pop record, and she went and made something uniquely Maren. And even after hearing it a hundred times in our kitchen, it still is so right. Huge smiles for you, Girl,” Hurd wrote.

“Uniquely Maren” is probably the best way to label a song like this that transcends genre. It isn’t necessarily 100 percent pop, but it certainly isn’t straight-up country, either. Morris wrote “Girl” with Sarah Aarons and Greg Kurstin. In a recent radio interview, she’d described the inspiration for the story the song tells.

“The inspiration behind ‘Girl’ was initially me talking to another girl about the competition that we had had between each other and I hated it,” she said. “But then it very quickly became a letter to myself and just that inner critic, inner demon that always tells you you’re not good enough and how to beat it and pick yourself up off the floor.”

See the full lyrics to the song here.

As reported earlier, Morris will be heading out for a six-month world tour starting in early March.

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