Lindsay Ell’s Travel, Interrupted

Lindsay Ell was just trying to make her way back to Canada on Thursday (Dec. 20) when she landed at the Calgary International Airport and had to stay put.

“Just landed in Calgary. Airport is on lockdown. I’m ok. We’re in some back hallway of the airport right now,” Ell tweeted. Soon after that post, she tweeted the all clear.

“All safe. Thanks for all your tweets. Nobody was hurt. People are just stupid sometimes.”

The airport said they’d put part of the terminal under lockdown after a report that someone was seen with a weapon. That gun actually turned out to be some kind of peace-making device. “It was believed to be a musical instrument,” tweeted the Calgray Police’s Const. Mark Smith.

Before Ell landed in that chaos, she’d posted about how happy she was to be going home for the holidays and asked her fans and followers to share their own year-end plans.

“I’m so happy to finally be going home to see my family after such a crazy and incredible year… and I know flying to meet family/friends isn’t easy. Flights are expensive when you have to fly across the country.. Are you guys going home for the holidays? Tell me your story. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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