Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

Every time a baby is born, a mother is born too. That is a universal truth, for us and for stars. So the country artists we love were celebrating their own mothers — and their own children — over the Mother’s Day weekend.

Miranda Lambert was one of the first to post a picture with her mother and best friend, Bev. Carrie Underwood did the same for her mom, praising her for her ability to juggle it all. Brothers Osborne, too, shared a picture with their mama, calling her a force of nature.

And Jake Owen, who is always so good to his mom, turned his attention this year to his brand new nugget, Paris. Thomas Rhett shared a similar sentiment for his wife Lauren for making him better dad. Shania Twain shared a throwback picture of her and her baby boy Eja — who is now a teenager — saying that motherhood was the best job in the world. Jason and Brittany Aldean each posted pictures of their growing family. And Tim McGraw managed to put his emotions into words for all the moms in his life who are the givers of life and grace.

But the weekend wasn’t reserved just for moms. Kane Brown watched his wife Katelyn graduate from the Berklee College of Music. Maren Morris confessed her love for an episode of Parks and Recreation. And Kelsea Ballerini reflected on the sucker punch of the last note on the last song on the last night of her tour.

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