Kyle Park Talks Cowboy Lifestyle in “Rio”

Horses have long symbolized unbridled spirit and freedom, and the equine star in Kyle Park’s “Rio” is no exception.

The song is currently having a moment as Park’s fourth No. 1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report (TRRR) from his sixth album Don’t Forget Where You Come From. Erin Enderlin, a member of CMT’s Next Women of Country program, co-wrote the song with Park.

“The last album I made, The Blue Roof Sessions was a rockin’ album, but it had no fiddle and steel,” Park tells “I felt Don’t Forget Where You Come From was getting me back to what’s gotten me into country music — the lyrics and the sounds of fiddle, steel and real drums. I’ve always had real drums, but these days country is a lot of tracks. And I refuse to do that. I love what got me into country music — the music, the lyrics and not anything else.”

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“Rio” introduces its star as an instinctive red-hued steed who can weather any storm and make sunset rides turn into golden memories that last a lifetime. Rio’s new owner bonds with him over adventures going wherever he goes.

Director Paul De La Cerda directed the cinematic piece on a private ranch in Corona, N.M. with rodeo champion Tuf Cooper playing Rio’s owner.

“The ranch owners, the Muncie family, I met them through a friend of Tuf Cooper’s,” Park says. “They come from a long line of professional cowboys, as well. They rode me around [the property] on their ranger all day and couldn’t have been more hospital. The old man in the video is the old man who owned the ranch … It was a classic cowboy lifestyle — ‘We take care of our kind around here.’”

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