Kid Rocks Plays Santa Claus for 350

Tyler Perry may have started it, but Kid Rock just put a big red bow on the trend.

He paid off everything that was on layaway* at a Walmart store in Nashville. He tweeted after he did it, probably so that he could get the trend to start trending. He’d followed Perry’s lead, so maybe others will have enough holiday spirit in their hearts to do the same. We could call it the #LayawayGiveaway.

Kid Rock’s bill at the Walmart at 3458 Dickerson Pike was $81,000, according to CNN. But anyone could walk into any Walmart and pay off a portion of the layaway bill.

When Perry started it, he tried to do it anonymously. But the good word spread, so he posted a video on Twitter last week confirming the news, saying that he’d paid off the layaway items at two Walmarts in Georgia: one in East Point and one in Douglasville. His total bill was reportedly $430,000.

* Layaway at Walmart allows customers to pick out gifts, put 10 percent of the total purchase price down, then make payments while the purchases stay at the store. Once the final payment has been made, you can pick up the item(s) at the store.

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