Keith Urban Takes a Side in the 15-Year Old Lyric Debate

In 2004, Keith Urban released a song called “You’ll Think of Me.”

What came next was 15 years of his fans mishearing one of the song’s most hotly contested lyrics:

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don’t need ’em
Take your space and take your reasons
But you’ll think of me
And take your cap and leave my sweater
’Cause we have nothing left to weather

That’s how people on Team Cap have always heard the song. But Team Cat has always had a pretty solid argument for their take on things: Keith is not a cat guy, so of course he’d want her to take her cat after their break-up.

But on Thursday (April 18), Urban posted on social media a video that says it all.

Over the years, there has been speculation about the truth of that one line, from Urban fans, Urban himself and even the song’s writers. Darrell Brown, Ty Lacy, and Dennis Matkosky. But now that he’s put this video proof out into the world — shaking his head as he points to his BNA cap and then giving the affirmative thumbs up to the cat hiding under a bench — we can all move on to some other misheard lyrics.

I’ll start: How long did it take you to figure out that Dan + Shay’s “Tequila” was about a girl in a sorority t-shirt?

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