Kane Brown Honors The Strong Women In His Life

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You’re going to need a few tissues before you watch Kane Brown’s brand-new music video for the sweet single “Good As You.”

If you were expecting a stereotypical storyline of a beautiful couple in love, boy, are you in for a heartwarming surprise. Brown decided to take this video treatment in an entirely surprising and moving direction.

The ’Good as You’ video was inspired by my life story,” Brown told CMT.com.

“I was raised with strong women around me. My Mom worked multiple jobs and my Nana truly was a sheriff in my town,” he added. “To be able to honor them is incredible because no matter how much we struggled, my Mom and Nana never let me see it,” he revealed. They sheltered me from any problems and I appreciate them for that.”

In the video, we see his reality come to life through the adorable actors: a young boy and his sister growing up in a house full of love, despite challenges. The treatment makes perfect sense, as Brown has never been shy in the past about the tremendous influence of his mother and grandmother, and family in his life.

“I wanted to make a video that reflected the women who raised me,” he revealed. “The opening line ’I see the way you’re taking care of your mama, the way your taking care of me.’ That was my Mom taking care of Nana and me and my Nana taking care of my MeMaw and me.”

If you paid close attention, you likely noticed a theme in the video: stars. Stars on the sweet little boy’s pajamas, stars on his backpack, stars everywhere. A foreshadowing, perhaps, of a young man’s bright future?

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“It was definitely a foreshadowing of the boy’s future and it represented his positive outlook on life as a young boy,” Brown revealed.

And what a bright future it has been and continues to be for Brown, who is nominated for “Single of the Year” with “Heaven” at this weekend’s ACM Awards in Las Vegas. He’ll take the stage with his pal Khalid to perform “Good As You” when the show airs LIVE Sunday night at 8 pm ET/7 CT on CBS.

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