Inside Kacey Musgraves’ New & Custom Tour Bus

Just when I thought there was nothing about Kacey Musgraves I didn’t already know, Glamour comes along with details about the inside of her tour bus, her elementary school graduation song, and the things she does to get her songwriting muse back on track.

First, her new tour bus:
She designed it herself, giving the kitchen has extra large windows, powder blue cabinets, navy blue seating at the banquette, and a corner dedicated to a menagerie of crystals, sage, and palo santo. Until now, Musgraves had been sharing a bus with her band. “I miss everybody. It’s like summer camp,” she told the magazine.

Her “Notice Me” song from her preteen years:

It was a song she’d written for her elementary school graduation. And more importantly, the one that appears to have set the wheels in motion to land her at the top of the country genre. By the time she was 12, she a bona fide yodeler, then she wound up getting some songwriting encouragement from the same man who taught Miranda Lambert to play guitar. From there, the girl from Golden, Texas moved four hours south to Austin, made music, and got her first taste of fame when she was on Nashville Star in 2007.

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Three things she does to inspire her songwriting muse:

“Anytime I go out and see live music, I leave inspired,” she said of seeing concerts besides her own.
“The dirt and the sunshine and the fresh air can stimulate your brain,” she said of riding her horse.
“As I’m absorbing the story, I can paint the pictures in my mind,” she said of having her husband Ruston Kelly reading John Steinbeck’s East of Eden to her.

Musgraves also shared what she’s doing with the little bit of downtime she has now: picking out wallpaper for the tour-bus bathrooms, coming up with new tour merch, and collaborating with her mom on, of all things, a coloring book.

Her next scheduled appearance is at the Loretta Lynn All-Star Birthday Concert in Nashville on April 1.

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