ICYMI: Jake Owen’s Fans Assemble His Acoustic Set List

Jake Owen is busy prepping his upcoming acoustic tour. Actually, his fans are busy prepping his upcoming acoustic tour.

On Tuesday night (Jan. 7), Owen posed a question for his two million followers: what should he play?

“I’m excited about my acoustic tour starting next month. I’ve always loved just playing guitar, and singing songs. If you’re coming to any of the shows, post your dream ’set’ of songs you’d like to hear….From any album,” Owen wrote. “I gotta polish my skillz..See ya soon!”

So, I looked at all the responses and I ran the numbers. And if Owen did what his fans have asked of him, the show would be about three hours and 55 songs long. Because the requests go all the way back to Owen’s 2006 debut single, “Yee Haw.”

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When you’ve put in nearly 14 years in the music business, you’ve got a deep well to chose from. Owen’s way-back fans chose songs off his early albums, and his newer fans stuck to the singles off Greetings from… Jake. The other notable trend is that for every hit single people put on the dream set list, there is also a deep cut that never made it to country radio. I consider myself a Day One fan of Owen’s, and to be honest, there are some songs on this list I’ve never even heard of. And that’s on me.

This is what the set list would look like if Owen did everything his fans requested:

“The Bad in Me”

“Startin’ with Me”

“Tell Me”

“Eight Second Ride”

“Easy Does It”

“Don’t Think I Can’t Love You”

“Cherry on Top”

“Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant to Drink a Woman Away)”

“Green Bananas”

“Anything for You”

“Every Reason I Go Back”

“Nothin’ Grows in Shadows”

“Days of Gold”


“Everybody Dies Young”


“If He Ain’t Gonna Love You”

“You Ain’t Going Nowhere”

“American Country Love Song”

“Ghost Town”

“Life of the Party”

“Good Timing”

“Tall Glass of Something”

“One Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody)”

“What We Ain’t Got”


“Drivin’ All Night”

“Yee Haw”


“Anywhere with You”

“She Won’t Be Lonely Too Long”

“Barefoot Blue Jean Night”


“Apple Pie Moonshine”

“The Journey of Your Life”

“Alone with You”

“Down to the Honkytonk”

“I Was Jack (You Were Diane)”


“In It”

“After The Music’s Stopped”

“Made for You”

“Mexico in Our Minds”

“The One That Got Away”

“Places to Run”

“Long Night with You”

“You Can Thank Dixie”

“Where I Am”

“Settin the World On Fire”

“That’s on Me”

“Eat, Drink, and Don’t Sleep”


“When You Love Someone”

“I Love Women”

“Somewhere In The Middle”

Owen’s Down To The Tiki Tonk Acoustic Tour 2020 will kick off on Feb. 14 in Iowa.

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