How Kane Brown Built “Good As You”

They didn’t know what to write that day.

That’s how Kane Brown recalls the day — and the not-so-great write — that eventually led to his new song “Good As You.” He wrote the song with Brock Berryhill, Shy Carter, Taylor Phillips and Will Weatherly.

In a recent radio interview, Brown describes the moment Carter broke out his ukulele.

And then Weatherly put some drums to it.

“We just got this good feel. And then all of the sudden,” Brown said, “Taylor Phillips was like, ’Girl, I want to be as good as you.’” From there, Brown says, the song was done in 45 minutes.

“It just felt that good,” Brown said of the love song he called one of his favorites on the record.

Brown and special guests Granger Smith, RaeLynn, Danielle Bradbery and Jimmie Allen are on the road for the Live Forever tour. The next scheduled stop is in Duluth, GA on Thursday (Jan. 10).

In other Brown news, he just shared a throwback video from 2005 of his 12-year-old self singing along to Tim McGraw’s 1995 hit “I Like It, I Love It.”

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