Holiday State Craft Video for All the Summertime Feels

It all started when California country trio Holiday State sat down to write an uptempo feel-good song. “With the warm weather around the corner, we figured what better time than now? It’s a perfect anthem for rolling down the windows and blaring some fun summertime music as you head out to the beach with friends,” the band told “We really wanted to focus on creating something with a catchy hook that you could sing along to.” Enter “Friday Feelin’” and the video that brings that feel-good anthem to life.

Shot in Seal Beach — in Orange Country, where the band’s brothers Brandon, Brett, and Bryan DeLaura were born and raised — the new video shines a sunny California spotlight on the easy, breezy attitude that comes from heading into the weekend.

“Friday Feelin’” will be on the band’s upcoming EP due out in August.

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