Hear Vince Gill’s Personal and Emotional Letter to His Mother

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On the eve of Mother’s Day weekend, many of us are reflecting on the women in our lives who birthed us, raised us, loved us and ultimately sacrificed more than we’ll ever know in the effort just to do the very best they could.

Mothers and mother figures are perhaps the most important relationship we’ll ever have in our lifetimes. It’s the strongest bond, from the womb until the very end; it’s complicated, often tense, often broken, but always present.

And whether it’s a good or not-so-good relationship, it’s nearly impossible for it to exist without love.

Unfortunately, it’s so often not genuinely realized until we become mothers (or fathers) ourselves, or simply grow up enough to clearly see the world around us.

That very experience and clarity are what legend Vince Gill bring to his newly-announced forthcoming album Okie, due Aug. 23 that features a collection of co-writes exploring his Oklahoman roots and the issues of our time through his own truth and experiences.

It also features this emotional and poignant ballad, “A Letter to My Mama,” which earnestly and openly lays out Gill’s deepest feelings of gratitude, regret and ultimately love for his mother and the sacrifice she made for his family throughout the years.

When I opened my email this morning to news of this new release, I couldn’t help but smile and feel a mix of sorrow and an overwhelming peace as Gill emoted through the verses on the track. Just over a few weeks ago, I said goodbye to my own amazing mother: a massive Gill enthusiast, whose fandom extended to her own mother, and obviously was passed on to me, thankfully.

The words to this ballad were everything I’d told her and would say to her again and again, every day if I could. Maybe you feel the same way about a special mother in your life. Perhaps your truth, like mine, is also Gill’s.

That’s the beauty of telling your truth, unabashedly and sincerely as Gill does on this track. So much of life’s most beautiful and painful moments are universal, a shared human experience. What a gift that he’s unwittingly put into words what some of us may not be able to, and united us all in gratitude, forgiveness, and love.

Thank you, Vince. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mother figures out there. We salute you, this weekend and every day.

Samantha Stephens

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