Gathering Intel on Miranda Lambert’s Mr. Right

Let’s hear it for the boys in blue, especially Inspector Brendan M. Timoney, Commanding Officer of the Midtown 14th South Precinct in New York City. Because he tweets. And right now, those tweets are the main source of intelligence on police officer Brendan McLoughlin, who is one of the three cops on the Twitter cover photo.

He is also, now, Miranda Lambert’s husband.

The two were married a couple weeks ago, and it was all very top secret until Lambert shared the news and some wedding pictures on Saturday (Feb. 16).

So here’s what we know now about Mr. Right:

He’s a cop. A good one. Last March, he caught a bank robber red handed. His beat is the southern portion of Midtown, Manhattan including commercial offices, hotels, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, Koreatown, and the Manhattan Mall Plaza. According to public records, McLoughlin’s last known annual salary was $41,975.

The blue-eyed 27-year-old looks good in uniform, and really good out if it. This shirtless photo of McLoughlin has been viewed 139,147 times. With the news of his marriage, that number will probably triple by the end of the day.

He has a charitable (and very, very healthy) heart.

There are other rumors about Lambert’s new husband, but so far, none of those have been confirmed. But it does seem like McLoughlin really is Lambert’s missing piece.

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