Doug Supernaw Diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer

Doug Supernaw has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung and bladder cancer. The ‘90s country singer revealed the diagnosis via Facebook on Saturday (Feb. 2).

Supernaw was admitted to a Houston hospital on Jan. 25 where tests confirmed several masses were in his lungs, lymph nodes, bones and bladder.

“At this time, Doug remains in the hospital, awaiting more testing, while determining a treatment path,” the Facebook statement reads. “We would like to thank Doug’s amazing medical team for working so diligently in both the care and treatment of our beloved Doug. We would also like to thank both our friends, and [an] amazing fan base for the so many heartfelt prayers during this difficult time.”

Supernaw is best known for his top ‘90s hits “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” and “Not Enough Hours in the Night.” He’s released three full-length studio albums including his breakout collections, 1993’s Red and Rio Grande and 1994’s Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind. His latest release was a Greatest Hits compilation in 2017.

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