Dierks Bentley on the Cliff Notes of an Album

This is how Dierks Bentley sees radio singles: “When you release songs to radio it’s like the cliff notes of your album,” he said, “and ’Burning Man’ is one of the most important pieces of THE MOUNTAIN.”

That’s how Bentley described his most recent chart topper at the party to celebrate it on Monday (April 15). The song, which features Brothers Osborne, is Bentley’s 18th No. 1 song. It was written by Bobby Pinson and Luke Dick. “When you do a collaboration it’s a leap of faith but there is no one else that could have done what these guys did on this song.

“I’ve just been really lucky to work with people like these guys where it’s all about the music and friendship. It’s rare to find that outside of Nashville,” Bentley said during the chart party at Martin’s BBQ in downtown Nashville, “and a really unique thing that is happening in country music right now.”

The feeling was mutual for John and TJ Osborne. “When he sent us the song it was done and already sounded awesome,” TJ Osborne said. “I’m such a fan of Dierks and when I listened to the demo, it already sounded like a Dierks hit and it took me a minute to really make it mine. To take that risk on us with something that already sounded great was all on Dierks.”

Bentley’s current single is likely to be celebrated soon. Watch the video for “Living” here.

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