Did Kane Brown’s First Daughter Just Inspire His First Dad Brag?

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Just a few days after Kane Brown’s baby girl Kingsley Rose was born on Oct. 29, he posted pictures of her on Instagram, he released a song about her, and now, he’s finally dad bragging about her.

“She’s really smart. I mean, she’s already pulling her paci(fier) in and out at a month and two weeks,” Brown told WUSN when he was in Chicago for the Stars and Strings show on Dec. 8. “She loves lights. I don’t know if that’s a baby thing or what, but she’s just very aware. That’s my girl.”

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And it sounds like Brown and his wife Katelyn are going to have all kinds of things to brag about as Kingsley grows up. Already, Brown thinks she might’ve inherited her mother’s voice.

“The doctors said when she was first born that hers were the best baby lungs they had heard in a while,” he says, “so I think she’s got her mom’s voice.”

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